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David Bade and Tirzo Martha form a remarkable couple in the Dutch art world, with their roots in Curaçao and an irrepressible urge to share their talent and work ethic with others. 

For their artwork Jouw hedendaagse demonen, they collaborate with students from the St. Joost School of Art & Design and the Instituto Buena Bista in Curaçao, which they founded themselves, a number of colleagues and with several groups from ‘s-Hertogenbosch (including from Stichting Loods). By letting everyone participate equally in the project, they create social cohesion and self-esteem – an approach that fits in seamlessly with Bosch Parade.

A Curaçao-born art project delves into the nature of our modern-day demons, culminating in four captivating themes brought to life in the Garden of Earthly Delights. With the enthusiastic collaboration of volunteers from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the project aims to foster social cohesion and self-esteem through equal participation.

The final result is a mesmerizing armada of diverse vessels, each wit hits unique artistry, that will converge in a captivating composition and choreography of movement and sound. This symphony will weave a captivating narrative within minutes.


 From what point of view do you look at the world around you, where do dreams become illusions, where does temptation become deception? In a colorful image, sirens try to seduce you with their singing.


Confusion, suspense, ambivalence, helplessness. Ever new potholes in the asphalt on Curaçao are a striking metaphor for our uncertain times.


Passivity, waiting & expecting, unspoken things. The completely unpredictable schedule of bus transport causes a lot of annoyance, but also a lot of time for cheerful reflections. 


Forced migration, colonialism, activism… Scars on the soul of Curaçao. Does the psychiatrist’s couch offer solace, or is the focus on the future the best therapy?

Video made by Omar Martha

Artiesten project Jouw Hedendaagse Demonen

Elvis Chen – Yasser Ballemans – Travis Geertruida – Susanne Khalil Yusef – Estebe Duin Rodrigues – Sofie de Vroed – Zoë Kouijzer- Fabio Serra – Keith (Keithly-son) Luciana – Norah Boekholt- Janicah Castillio – Stephanie de Araujo – David Bade – Tirzo Martha


IBB Curaçao
Willem Twee Kunstruimte
Curaçaosch Museum
Sint Joost School of Art & Design


COC Noordoost-Brabant
Stichting Loods
Bossche Vakschool
ISK (Internationale Schakelklas)
Enthousiaste (internationale) medemakers

Jouw Hedendaagse Demonen