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Erik de Jong, business manager

Erik is a passionate mediator, an organiser of community-driven events and an initiator of a wide range of creative concepts. He is a trained architect, and a part-time community manager for the Eindhoven University of Technology. He uses his experience to make Bosch Parade possible – operationally and financially. Erik possesses not only a progressive vision of Bosch Parade but also a great vigour with which he manages to bring about a lot in Den Bosch and far beyond.

Miesjel van Gerwen, artistic leader

Miesjel is a multidisciplinary visual artist, designer, parade expert and developer of art projects. As the creator of the ‘art parade on the water’ concept, he has been involved in Bosch Parade from the very beginning in 2009. He uses his experience to future-proof Bosch Parade and elevate this ‘cruise of the incongruous’ to an ever higher level.

Tessa van Helvoirt, office manager

Tessa graduated from Avans Academy, Associate degree, Management, in 2020. After her internship at Bosch Parade in 2019, she joined the team, since then she has been the indispensable heart of our organisation. She supports the organisation as office manager and is also involved as programme production assistant from 2022. In this capacity, Tessa builds bridges between artistic wishes and practicality on a daily basis. Tessa knows how to organise.

Stephan Grilis, head of production

Stephan has years of experience in putting large, complicated projects on track – and keeping them there. As head of production, he is associated with, among others, Bevrijdingsfestival Brabant in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Van Gogh Brabant and Circus Festival Circolo in Tilburg. At Bosch Parade, Stephan, like the artistic team, has been involved from the very beginning. With Stephan as our head of production, our operational and logistic tasks are in very capable hands indeed.

Anneloes Ebing, volunteer coordinator 

Anneloes has a great talent for organisation and operation and she is a familiar face in cultural projects throughout the region. At Bosch Parade, she fervently recruits and coordinates the hundreds of volunteers active on the waterfront. Anneloes makes sure that both our visitors and all the volunteers get to experience are having a lovely Bosch Parade.

Miriam Alders, community manager

Miriam is a senior project manager for events with a social goal. For Bosch Parade, she is the matchmaker between artists and creatives from Den Bosch and the surrounding area. Inside Bosch Parade she is the matchmaker between the artists in need and the participants willing to help create Bosch Parade. Together, these communities create new art projects for Bosch Parade. She also coordinates the educational programme. Primary and secondary school pupils gain new insights with Bosch Parade artists in the Garden of Earthly Delights.

Dorien van den Hurk, head of marketing and communication

A strategic marketing and communications adviser with excellent feelers for trends while having a broad creative vision. Brand perception is what makes her tick! On the basis of branding strategies, she develops enticing modern day means of communication receiving much attention. She is convinced that meaningful perception is the key to successful and lasting communication. 

Marieke Staps, communication

With Marieke, designing, organizing and communicating are areas of expertise that always go hand in hand. As an industrial designer, she graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, after which she was responsible for organizing the Graduation Show there for many years. As a stylist and producer, Marieke has been designing and organizing events for almost 15 years. At Bosch Parade, she is essential for creating a successful campaign and communicating with our audience.

Marc van Doornewaard

Copywriter, editor, marketer. Seasoned in the cultural sector (including Verkadefabriek, Theatre Festival Boulevard, Panama Pictures), he tries to seduce visitors from all walks of life with catchy texts and creative campaigns. The pen is his instrument, imagination his fuel, fun his message.

Lotte Mertens

Lotte is our beloved collegue who cares deeply about Bosch Parade’s social media channels. She is a film enthusiast and theatre scholar. In her spare time, she scours film houses, festivals and pop stages in search of new inspiration. On weekdays, she creatively creates content for Bosch Parade and other clients in the cultural field.