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Mirror, mirror on the wall. Modern man is a narcissist who constantly compares himself to others and loses himself in vulgar vanity. Egotripper, a reflective balloon, confronts us with this selfishness by literally holding up a mirror to us. Who is the most beautiful in the land?

The balloon – triumphantly towed by two artists as a rucksack – is fragile, just like the narcissist’s ego. Moreover, it is filled with gallons of air, and thus as inflated as many personalities who often have to drag their self-love as a heavy-laden rucksack over obstacles. Like the Egotripper, who can only be hoisted over bridges with the help of spectators. 

Video made by Donna van West
video made by: Mieke Goris, Geert Verbist, Bart Vankrunkelsven