We’re currently looking for all kinds of volunteers and co-creators in a variety of roles within the Bosch Parade, backstage and along the waterfront.

There’s a number of activities, in which you could help us out immensely:

Walk-on acting
Playing an instrument
Distributing flyers and/or promotional material
Working backstage (bar/catering/hospitality)

Anyone with a practical attitude (“knowing how to handle a hammer, chisel or sewing machine”) is more than welcome too!

By filling in this form (in Dutch) you can tell us what role and/or activity would be ideal for you.

Days we can use help are:
Saturday 11 June
Sunday 12 June
Tuesday evening 14 June
Thursday evening June 16
Friday evening 17 June
Saturday evening June 18
Sunday 19 June

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Bosch Parade 2022!

Do you have a question? Please contact us!