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The Dutch foundation called ‘Stichting Bosch Parade’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Bosch Parade’) with its registered office at the Koestraat 27, 5223AG in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, processes personal data. This privacy statement describes which personal data are collected and processed by us (through our website, our ticketing system and other channels), the purpose for which we do this, and the way in which we guarantee the privacy of our visitors.

The event makes use of personal and address data for the sole purpose to which you filled these in – for instance, to get ticket sales information or have newsletters be sent to you. Moreover, data is used to protect a legitimate interest: being able to check whether the event fulfils its task of reaching an audience that is as broad and diverse as possible. Personal data are used in accordance with the aims stated during registry, and they are neither passed on for commercial purposes to any other organisation, nor are they used to identify visitors individually. This statement will be adjusted as soon as any organisational or politically legal development gives rise to that.

The Bosch Parade website processes IP-addresses of its website visitors, just like any other website does. An IP-address can be an item of personal data. In addition, our website places cookies on visitors’ computers and/or telephones, to be anonymously used by Google Analytics. In this way, the event collects much data on the way in which its website is used. Cookies are used in that process. This applies, among others, to the number of visitors, the web pages visited and the properties of the web browsers used. By using these data, Bosch Parade is able to improve its website and adjust it to the visitor’s wishes.

Facebook pixel
This website uses a Facebook Pixel, an analysis tool from Facebook. This tool helps us analyze the website, which in turn allows us to improve the Facebook experience for our users. The information generated by this cookie is sent and stored on Facebook’s servers. Facebook uses this data to make bulk reports on the site usage of all users, not with your IP address. The cookie only stores information such as: which Facebook users visit the website, which pages do these users visit, etc. This pixel also tracks the behavior of users after seeing or clicking a Facebook ad. In this way, Facebook evaluates the effectiveness of advertisements. Thanks to the pixel, it is possible for us to also show website visitors an advertisement on the Facebook platform, on behalf of Bosch Parade. The data obtained is anonymous to us and does not provide us with further information about the identity of you as a user. However, the data is stored by Facebook and processed in such a way that linking to a specific user profile is possible. Facebook can therefore use the data for its own advertising purposes, in accordance with Facebook’s privacy policy.

Embedded content by third party websites
Messages on this website may contain third party (embedded) content, like videos, images and messages. Other websites’ embedded content behaves exactly as if the visitor is actually visiting that particular third party website. These websites may be collecting data on you, they could make use of cookies, contain third party tracking systems, and they can monitor your interaction with this embedded content – including the interaction with embedded content while using an account and being logged in on that website.

Ticket sales
In the ticket sales process, Bosch Parade collects personal and/or address data.

The event will ask you the following details:

  • name
  • address, zip code, residence and country
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number
  • date of birth
  • gender

Name: these data are necessary in order to execute the agreement. Without a name, it is not possible to place an order.
Address, zip code, residence and country: these data are necessary in order to execute the agreement. Moreover, these data enable checks to what extent the event fulfils its task of reaching an audience that is as broad and diverse as possible. In visitors’ analyses, zip codes and places of residence are used anonymously. A post mailing based on search histories, will be sent when applicable.
E-mail address: these data are necessary in order to execute the agreement. The e-mail address is used for sending e-tickets, as well as service mails and/or evaluation reports on the show visited.
Telephone number: these data are necessary in order to execute the agreement. The telephone number can be used in case of any change, cancellation or calamity affecting the event.
Date of birth and gender: date of birth, and gender data, are used for visitors’ analyses, in a depersonalised way.

Subscribing to the newsletter
Bosch Parade offers visitors the option of subscribing to the newsletter. When doing so, visitors will allow storage of the data given. This way, Bosch Parade can update visitors on activities, news and/or the latest developments. Bosch Parade offers visitors the option to unsubscribe at any time. Bosch Parade will send the newsletters by using the online programme AdreZ/MailingLijst of EM-Cultuur.

Photographs, moving pictures and/or sound recordings made during Bosch Parade
Bosch Parade and its media partners can make photographs, moving pictures and/or sound recordings (or have these made) during the event. The event is allowed to use these materials on its website, in print or for the purposes of promoting the event itself, and the organisation, using various social media, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Furthermore, these pictures or recordings may be used by the Bosch Parade’s media partners, on their respective media channels, their print media as well as their radio and/or TV-channels. The data will not be used for any other purpose than the ones set out above. In case of an objection against a picture that has been published online, there is the option of requesting for its removal.

Forms on
In various sections of this website, you can find forms requesting personal data. These forms often use Typeform. The personal data is stored within AdreZ/MailingLijst of the EM-Cultuur (on Dutch servers and under Dutch jurisdiction) and these data can only be downloaded by a Bosch Parade employee tasked with processing them. After the download, the form is saved on a shielded and protected server. These forms can only be downloaded by specifically selected employees of Bosch Parade. All employees of the event have a non-disclosure clause in their contracts.

The data are only used for the purposes stated during the registration process. Not only the data filled in by the visitor are stored, but also the time, the IP-address and the relevant web page – in order to include more context when submitting the form.

Data storage

  • Forms
    Those forms sent using the pages within, are stored by AdreZ/MailingLijst of the EM-Cultuur. This information is exclusively used for its intended purposes, and will remain in the Netherlands (now and in the future). The transfer of these data always takes place over a secured connection. In general, this storage is indefinitely valid.
  • Ticket sales
    We use Mollie payments for the ticket sales. The data of the people purchasing tickets, is stored on servers managed by Adrez/MailingLijst of the EM-Cultuur. These servers are located in the Netherlands and are under Dutch jurisdiction. This information is used for its intended purposes, and will not be transferred outside the Netherlands (now or in the future). The transfers of these data always take place over a secured connection. In general, this storage is indefinitely valid.
  • Statistics
    For the collection of statistical data, we use the anonymous version of Google Analytics. These statistics do not contain personal or demographic details. The option of sharing data with other services (including Google’s own services) has been turned off. The transfers of these data always take place using a secured connection. Storage of these data is managed by Google and will take place within the EU or the US under American jurisdiction. This type of storage is maintained for 14 months.
  • Contact management
    Apart from customers’ data, the event also stores relationship information of business contacts, sponsors and the press. Relationships are managed in the Adrez/MailingLijst of the EM-Cultuur.
  • Suppliers
    Supplier data is managed, to the highest possible degree, within the Exact Online version of the event’s record keeping system. Moreover, the suppliers’ IBAN bank account data are stored within the online service package of the relevant bank, to be able to transfer payments to suppliers. Batch payment exports to be transferred, are executed using the Exact Online feature for expired and outstanding debit entries, and imports within the Rabobank online service package.
  • Volunteers
    Our volunteers’ data is managed using AdreZ/MailingLijst of the EM-Cultuur. The volunteers’ data is only used for the purposes stated in the registration process: planning, invitations by e-mail (for instance, for the volunteers’ night), the volunteers’ newsletter and the urgent service mail.
  • Audience research
    Each year, the audience is asked to participate in a satisfaction survey:
    • using questionnaires on the event site;
    • using a final newsletter containing an audience research-url;
    • in the entrance tickets purchasing process, offering visitors the option to participate in the audience research on a separate page.

The audience research data are stored anonymously, and are used for evaluation purposes.

Customers have the following rights:

  • The right of access to their data held by Bosch Parade; in many* cases customers have the opportunity to have these data corrected or deleted.
  • The right to withdraw their permission for certain process (like the transmission of a newsletter).
  • The right to file a complaint via 

* Bosch Parade is required to store certain customer data. This may concern active customers’ contact data, for instance for ugrent service notifications. For the sake of safety, Bosch Parade is also forced to make backups. These are checked for accuracy. Therefore, it is not possible to have backup data removed at a later date.

Stichting Bosch Parade Contact Data
In case you have any questions or requests concerning data storage, please contact: