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This year’s Bosch Parade will be be very special. We would love to share it with you. Downloadable press releases and pictures of Bosch Parade can be found below. To contact us directly (for instance for an interview or any other relevant request), please fill out this form.


Bosch Parade organizes a biennial art manifestation on the Dommel River in the center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, with its tenth anniversary edition in 2024. The theme in 2024 is “Contemporary Demons”. In May 2024, prior to Bosch Parade, the Garden of Earthly Delights will be open to the public.

During the 9th edition in 2022, Bosch Parade attracted 43,000 visitors, 19,640 of whom paid. Within the theme “Seduction,” we displayed nineteen multidisciplinary floating art projects newly developed for Bosch Parade. Outdoor art yard with pop-up restaurant the Garden of Earthly Delights experienced a successful introduction in 2022, with a sculpture garden curated by Atelier van Lieshout.