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Chaja Hertog graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2005 with InstruMen, inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s musical hell, an experimental video triptych featuring musical instruments fused to musicians as body extensions, played by their movements and weight – InstruMen II is a sequel to this.

For Bosch Parade, Chaja and her partner Hertog Nadler now blur this line between musician and instrument even further with ‘the extended version’ InstruMensen, a floating musical installation featuring musicians playing their extravagant instruments with the choreography of their bodies. A performer with a singing saw on his head, percussionists, horns that make sounds and bubbles under water – together, the InstruMensen use their living bodies to make the kingdom of the dead resound. 

InstruMen II
Project van Hertog Nadler (Chaja Hertog & Nir Nadler)
ism Luca Andrea Stappers

Chaja Hertog 
Nir Nadler
Luca Andrea Stappers
Sasha Agranov (snaar instrument)
Tommie Freke (blaas instrument)
Roya Hes (acrobaat/rad)
Mika Nadler

gesubsidieerd door het Cultuurfonds