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Chant van Lieshout and MOSs Social Club celebrate summer at this Bosch Parade. It’s hot and they jump into the water. For the first time in years, they don’t have to struggle to keep their heads above the vast horizon – they are allowed to go under. In and around the clean water, hares, stoneflies and dragonflies fly. Since the pollution has clumped together in the water, and transformed into the archipelago Isteria Archipelago, magical scenes take place here again.

Isteria Archipelago is pulled by organisms prone to pollution; like slaves to their own demise, they are exploited. Two deformed fish stroll the island, attempting to harness the destruction for something new, something beautiful, something hopeful. Although pollution takes terrible forms, each creature tries to take care of all the little worlds they find themselves in. Together, they are building a better universe.