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We live in a world of boxes, boundaries and makeability. With an increasingly defining role for lines, circles and data an average grey truth is being created. Frayed edges with fuzzy transitions do not fit into that strict idiom. 

Because the houseboats on the Ertveldplas in ‘s-Hertogenbosch lie within the nuisance zone of the nearby industrial estate, they are gradually losing their tolerated status – the residents might start complaining… But the free spirits who live there are not ones to grumble; they once deliberately chose this spot and now defend their regulation-free habitat with heart and soul. With her work of art, artist and houseboat resident Lisetteh depicts this struggle to live differently, in a place where they do not bother anyone, together with the creative and handy souls around her: Het watervolk van de Ertveldplas.

[Watervolk = water people]

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