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The creators of the artworks during Bosch Parade come from all over the world. David Bade and Tirzo Martha, for example, have their roots in Curaçao. They form a special couple in the art world, with an irrepressible urge to share their talent and work ethic with others.

They investigated what ‘contemporary demons’ (this year’s theme for Bosch Parade) mean to them personally, together with four artists and three curators from Curaçao and the Netherlands, and eight students from St. Joost School of Art & Design and the Instituto Buena Bista founded by David and Tirzo. By allowing everyone to participate equally in the project, they create social cohesion and self-esteem – an approach that fits seamlessly with Bosch Parade’s approach.

They will incorporate the results in Your contemporary demons, a collaborative and adventurous international co-creation art project for Bosch Parade ’24, which will continue to be built from May onwards with all kinds of social organisations from this in the Garden of Earthly Delights. Do you want to participate? Grab your chance to make a unique contribution to the creation of a collaborative work of art.


Under the guidance of artists, you will participate in Your contemporary demons. Co-operating can therefore mean anything. Think, for example, of working on the decoration of the vessel, or making attributes such as masks.

Dates and time

  • Week 22: Tuesday 28 May, Wednesday 29 May, Thursday 30 May, Friday 31 May
  • Week 23: Tuesday, June 4, Wednesday, June 5, Thursday, June 6, Friday, June 7
  • Week 24: Tuesday 11 June, Wednesday 12 June, Thursday 13 June, Friday 14 June

Times from 10:00 – 18:00

Location: Garden of Earthly Delights, Zuid-Willemsvaart 2, ’s-Hertogenbosch, NL

Grab your chance to make a unique contribution to the creation of a collaborative artwork. We promise a warm and pleasant meeting & collaboration with artists, (international) students and other Bosch Parade enthusiasts.

Enthusiastic? For more information, contact Miriam Alders at

This video is made by Omar Martha
This video was created by artist Elvis Chen. He develops the ideas for the vessel waiting (within Your Contemporary Demons) together with two students from Sint Joost. Estebe Duin Rodrigues and Sofie de Vroed.