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You thought you had seen it all, after nine editions of Bosch Parade. But brace yourself, because the tenth – from 20 to 23 June 2024 – will surpass all your and our fantasies. Because we will be celebrating this decennia with Contemporary demons!

Algorithms and data. News feeds and social media. Hackers and trackers. Influencers and Instaposts.

Newfangled tormentors taunt us daily, rattling at the gates of our fragile existence. But they also turn out to be captivating sources of inspiration for artists and creators around the world, who this summer will sail a new wondrous procession of unique artworks across the ‘s-Hertogenbosch’ Dommel river.

With the timeless creativity and imagination of ‘our’ Hieronymus Bosch as timeless inspiration, Bosch Parade 2024 will make you look again in surprise at the modern world around you, full of Contemporary Demons.

Rob van Dam, for example, brings Medusa to life with his ZZNAKE, which shows how we allow ourselves to be seduced by toxic concoctions. Mieke Gores, Geert Verbist and Bart Vankrunkelsven’s Egotripper confronts us with our selfishness by literally holding up a mirror. Nicole Banowetz’ Toxic Hunger shows how the greed of the few leads to loss for the many. And David Bade & Tirzo Martha collaborate with colleagues, students from St. Joost School of Art & Design, Instituto Buena Bista in Curaçao and some groups from ‘s-Hertogenbosch on an immense work of art. 

You can find a preliminary overview of all the makers, their artworks and progress on our website – which, by the way, has been completely updated; go take a look and let us know what you think!