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Hieronymus Bosch, eat your heart out. Bosch Parade will transcend the wildest surrealist scenarios in your paintings in 2024!

The Bosch Parade creations always find their inspiration in themes central to Hieronymus Bosch’s work. For the 2024 edition (20 to 23 June), we are balancing even more precariously on the boundaries of his, your and our imagination. After all, the time has come, the Apocalypse is storming towards us.The Contemporary Demons are among us!

Algorithms and data. Newsfeeds and social media. Hackers and trackers. Influencers and Instaposts.

Like menacing pests, they rattle at the gates of our existence. What do we have to fear from these tormentors? How do we ward them off? Or do we surrender?

During Bosch Parade 2024, artists and creators from far and wide will highlight these Contemporary Demons in a new wondrous procession of unique sailing artworks on the Dommel River.

Bosch Parade 2024 is the tenth edition of the floating art manifestation in ‘s-Hertogenbosch,  which once again amazes, touches and connects. Which, with the timeless creativity and imagination of the medieval painter, once again makes you look in wonder at the modern world around you. A world full of Contemporary Demons…