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Bosch Parade is a multi-disciplinary art event, with visual art as its starting point, but with significant input from theatrical and musical aspects. A multi-disciplinary artistic team is therefore also responsible for artistic quality and cohesion. 


Miesjel van Gerwen, artistic director

Miesjel is a multidisciplinary visual artist, designer, parade expert and developer of art projects. As creator of the ‘art parade on the water’ concept, he has been involved with Bosch Parade from the very beginning in 2009. He applies his experience to future-proof Bosch Parade and take this ‘cruise of the absurd’ to an ever-higher level.

Sarah Moeremans, director and future artistic director at Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Sarah works on Bosch Parade from Het Zuidelijk Toneel. She is a European independent theatre maker, curator and thinker. She builds visual essays, using language, literature, philosophy and art history as construction materials, steadily creating a body of work in which theory and practice confusingly interact against a three-dimensional cardboard theatrical backdrop.

Aart Strootman, composer

Pioneering guitarist and composer Aart Strootman (b. 1987) is an emerging personality in the contemporary music business. His intellect and frank, fresh perspective on musical genres and styles warrant a prominent position in the music scene. He studied classical guitar and composition at the Fontys & Zuyd conservatory and obtained an MA in Musicology at Utrecht University. He is currently a PhD student at Leiden University through the DocArtes programme.

The final direction of Bosch Parade 2024 is in the hands of Koen van Seuren under the auspices of Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Koen van Seuren

Koen van Seuren is a theatre director and writer who graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Theatre in 2020. Together with David Westera, he has formed the artistic team of Antiklimax since 2021. Koen’s performances are characterised by rapidly alternating ideas, genres and images. Philosophical dialogues are supported by a good dose of humour and the Western canon is put through the shredder to be brought to life with shocks and squeaks as Frankenstein’s monster.

The open call and selection for edition 2024 was made by this team together with:

Joachim Robbrecht, librettist

Joachim works as an author, director and performer, sets up his own projects from St. Showmachine and frequently collaborates with other groups and makers. His theatre departs from a poetic commitment to the world: he searches for metaphors, representations, inflections, new relationships between aesthetics and ethics, between the humour of language and the sensuality of the body. He wants to touch feeling and thinking, and a slightly painful laugh is never far away.

Lucas Kastelijn, dramatist and visual artist

“Theatre is capable of incorporating all other art forms. I therefore like to work with other makers and other disciplines. Preferably in location theatre. As a visual artist, I work mainly with pinhole photography. Always looking for the ritual and theatrical aspects of that photography.”

Fenna Koot, visual artist

“The focus of my practice is observing and responding to man-made constructions of the everyday environment, both present and distant. Think of religious, office and apartment buildings. How can a building be approached as an archive, consisting of historical, public and social layers? In doing so, I use mathematical and repetitive working methods to test my making and thinking.”

Meike Veldhuijzen, director KOP Breda

“With my background as both maker and organiser, I move easily between different worlds and am therefore able to build bridges. In the workplace, I am known as ambitious, enterprising, persistent, positive thinking and passionate. At KOP, I am correct committed to creating space for the new generation of artists.”

Linsey Kuijpers, project manager KOP Breda

“My work at KOP includes guiding and supporting starting artists. With my personal approach, I create a safe environment. As a facilitator, I am approachable and empathetic which allows room for growth. I create space for artists where I constantly look for new opportunities and possibilities.”