Miesjel is a multidisciplinary visual artist, a designer, an expert on processions and an art project developer. As the person who thought up the ‘parade on water’ concept, he’s been involved in Bosch Parade from the very early beginning, back in 2009. With his experience, he is committed to making Bosch Parade future proof and lifting it to a higher level.

Sarah Moeremans, stage director
Sarah contributes to Bosch Parade through her theatre group Het Zuidelijk Toneel. She is a European independent theatre maker, curator and thinker. She constructs visual essays with her favourite building blocks: language, literature, philosophy and art history. Her creations aren’t merely instant meals, warm and conveniently delivered at your doorstep, they are a growing body of work in which theory and sweat are having a roll in the hay behind three-dimensional cardboard theatre bushes.

Joachim Robbrecht, librettist
Joachim is an author, a stage director and a performer. He also initiates projects through St. Showmachine and frequently collaborates with other groups and makers. The guiding principle in his theatre works is his poetic commitment to the world. He looks for metaphors, fantasies, curvatures and new relationships between aesthetics and ethics, between linguistic humour and physical sensuality. He wants to touch upon the acts of feeling and thinking – with an uncomfortable smile just around the corner.

Aart Strootman, composer

The ground breaking guitar player and composer Aart Strootman (1987) loudly bangs on the doors of today’s music industry. His intellect and his candid and fresh view on music genres and styles justify his prominent position within the music scene. He has studied classical guitar and musical composition at the Fontys & Zuyd conservatoire, and at the University of Utrecht he received an MA in musicology. Currently, he is a doctoral researcher at the Leiden University through the DocArtes programme.

 The concept for the 2022 edition was developed by this team in collaboration with:

Lucas Kastelijn, dramaturge and visual artist
Lucas is a theatre maker and visual artist. Theatre has the capacity to incorporate and unite all other art forms. Therefore, Lucas likes to work with other makers and other fields of expertise. He prefers on-site theatre. As a visual artist, he mainly opts for pinhole photography – always focussed on the ritual and theatrical aspects of this type of photography.

Erik Vink, social artist
Erik is a social artist from ‘s-Hertogenbosch. He develops large art projects in close collaboration with groups of volunteers. In previous Bosch Parade editions he participated with spectacular art work and astonishing performances. With his enthusiasm and his capacity to create, he has managed to foster the commitment of a large number of (Bosch Parade) volunteers.

Wessel Verrijt, visual artist
Wessel Verrijt (1992, Eindhoven) is always on the move, much like his mobile installations. In his graduation project Optocht der Autonomen (‘procession of autonomists’) he had people exploring the streets in wooden, cardboard and textile costumes depicting buildings. His installations are like a fair travelling from one place to the other, in which the construction and deconstruction processes have ceremonial qualities. In this way, Verrijt creates his own mythical stories and rituals.

Dyane Donck, composer
Dyane Donck is a music composer, a sound artist and a musician. She has been trained in visual arts and music technology. She has composed soundscapes for the Dutch radio, she has developed (interactive) installation art, she has written contemporary music for instruments and electronic devices and she plays in various avant-garde pop bands. Originally, Dyane would have been in charge of the Bosch Parade 2022 musical direction, yet, she has decided to pass on that task to Aart Strootman.

Daniel Cross

Daniel Cross was trained as a modern/classical percussionist. After completing his training, he founded the Rosa Ensemble with a group of musician friends. The ensemble was named after the Brazilian writer João Guimarães Rosa. Cross’ work has been described as romantic-modernist music in which he integrates acoustic and electronic music. Cross fulfills in the ensemble the role of artistic director, multi-instrumentalist composer but also talent scout. Many successful musicians has worked with the Rosa Ensemble at some point.

Koen van Seuren

Koen van Seuren is a stage director and writer, graduated from the Maastricht Theatre Academy in 2020. Together with David Westera he forms the artistic team of Antiklimax since 2021. In Koen’s performances, ideas, genres and images alternate at high speed. Philosophical dialogues are supported by a hefty dose of humor and the Western canon is taken through the shredder to be brought back to life as Frankenstein’s monster, shocking and squeaking.

Martin Hierck
For over 30 years, director Martin Hierck has been creating theatrical spectacles of the most diverse kinds. International productions are effortlessly alternated with rock musicals and operas. Martin is now renowned for working with large groups in (location) theater productions, working with amateurs as well as artists of international caliber. The script and direction for a ‘Final Ritual’ in the Garden of Earthly Delights was right up his alley.

Furthermore, the Bosch Parade team consists of:

Erik de Jong, business manager
Erik is a passionate mediator, an organiser of community-driven events and an initiator of a wide range of creative concepts. He is a trained architect, founder of Muziek op de Dommel and a part-time community manager for the Eindhoven University of Technology. He uses his experience to make Bosch Parade possible – operationally and financially.

Dorien van den Hurk, head of marketing and communication
A strategic marketing and communications adviser with excellent feelers for trends while having a broad creative vision. Brand perception is what makes her tick! On the basis of branding strategies, she develops enticing modern day means of communication receiving much attention. She is convinced that meaningful perception is THE key to successful and lasting communication.

Tessa van Helvoirt, office manager
Tessa graduated at the Avans Academie, receiving an associate degree in management in 2020. After her traineeship during Bosch Parade 2019 she became part of the team, supporting the various divisions within our organisation. She also manages the appointments, drafts the minutes of meetings and is in charge of the CRM system. She is the indispensable heart of our organisation.

Anneloes Ebing, volunteer coordinator
Anneloes has a great talent for organisation and operation and she is a familiar face in cultural projects throughout the region. She is the one who coordinates the Bosch Parade volunteers who are active on the shores to make sure that the visitors as well as the volunteers are having a lovely Bosch Parade.

Miriam Alders, community manager
Miriam is a senior project manager for events with a social goal. She supports the creation, organisation and roll-out of projects under the umbrella of Raak Evenementen. Inside Bosch Parade she is the matchmaker between the artists in need and the participants willing to help create Bosch Parade. She also coordinates the educational programme.

Stephan Grilis, head of production
Stephan has years of experience in putting large, complicated projects on track – and keeping them there. He is also the head of production for the Theaterfestival Boulevard and for the circus festival Circolo in Tilburg. With Stephan as our head of production, our operational and logistic tasks are in very capable hands indeed.

Michelle van der Sanden, trainee  
Michelle is studying at Avans Academy, Associate degree, Management. She is currently in her final year and is working on her graduation internship. She is mainly involved with the organization of the community evening. She also supports Miesjel, the artistic director, with the organization of the closing ritual. Furthermore, Michelle helps with all kinds of tasks and she enthusiastically learns how an event is organized.

Merel Boumans, trainee
Merel is a first year management student at the Avans Academy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. She wants to learn what exactly happens behind the scenes of a beautiful event and therefore has an internship at Bosch Parade. Here she helps with anything and everything. Are there any extra hands needed? Then she is enthusiastically ready to help.

On top of that, the Bosch Parade 2022 edition is created in close collaboration with numerous other creative souls and artists.