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With Toxic Hunger,  American inflatable-artist Nicole Banowetz’s work for Bosch Parade ’24, she refers to polluting industry and to the big industrialists who themselves always escape the consequences of their destructive work.

Nicole turns it into an industrial installation, reaching for the sky like an inflated rocket – as musical accompaniment, she devised drummers on oil drums. “Why not that music on air too?”, wondered Miesjel van Gerwen (artistic director Bosch Parade) and composer Aart Strootman. “Wind music, wind music.” 

Nicole thought that was a great suggestion. Indeed deed, she even went a big step further and approached a friendly community of experimental 3D printers. A week later, she presented the result: mouthpieces and organ pipes connected to the tentacles of her artwork to produce curious sounds. Toxic Hunger now has its own sound: wind music.