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De spiegelende klif NAîAD van SKYPUNCH COLLECTIVE bracht bewondering en sensatie in stad en land, tijdens Best Kept Secret, Rebels for Peace in Zeitz (Dld) en bij straattheaterfestival Porto Circolo tijdens de Tilburgse Kermis

The Weight of Water

Beautiful words in a jubilant Theaterkrant review of The Weight of Water, the exciting co-production of Panama Pictures and Bosch Parade on the tilting stage.

The reviewer was not alone in her enthusiasm. The Weight of Water toured several Dutch festivals this summer, garnering plenty of praise and applause.

It started spectacularly at festivalDown The Rabbit Hole at the end of June (‘visual highlight’, according to national newspaper NRC), then provided five sold-out performances during acclaimed theatrefestival Boulevard and then Festival Oeverloos awaits us in Zutphen on September 16 and 17.

Skypunch collective:

Weight of Water: