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About Folkert de Jong

De Jong was brought to fame by his unique utilisation of isolation materials like polyurethane and polystyrene. Since recently, he has been expanding his palette of materials, for example in his transparent plexiglass showcases holding selections of body parts and objects resembling specimens on formaldehyde. On the one hand, they appear to emit bright psychedelic colours, while on the other, the contents are hermetically sealed, thus filtering out reality. Behind these see-through walls, something supernatural seems to occur.

De Jong’s ‘reservoirs’ emphasize this theatrical effect of museum show cases as they refer to the use of historical art display cases – for instance in the age of Surrealism. Yet, they also visualize our modern day craving to conserve and the yearning for immortality. For de Jong, art is a medium through which he can offer a critical view on the world in which we live.

About Wij-familie

Ivonne van der Velden (Loosbroek, 1963) completed her bachelor training at the AKV St. Joost Academy of Art and Design. After having been an autonomous artist, she worked for the CBK in ’s-Hertogenbosch, and she’s currently employed as a visual arts curator for the Willem Twee music and visual arts institute. Apart from this, Ivonne has organised sensational exhibitions for the ‘Dertien Hectare’ foundation in the rural area of Bernheze and she’s been responsible for five editions of the nightly art festival ‘Kunstnacht ‘s-Hertogenbosch’ as well as several editions of ‘Alle Zielen’ in Biezenmortel and Heeswijk. Thanks to her comprehensive art knowledge and network, Ivonne van der Velden is a board member of various advisory bodies, including the Heusden Art Committee and the JBZ Art Committee.

Tineke Goemans graduated at the Department of Three dimensional Studies of the Tilburg Academy in 1995. From that moment onwards, Goemans has been a full time visual artist. In her workshop, you will find steel is her material of choice, which she combines with various other materials like rubber, lead or wood. Apart from that, Goemans enjoys working with other people to create larger projects like Bosch Parade, and previously the Brabantsedag (Brabant Day) in Heeze.

Parade ‘d Extase will unexpectedly pop up in ’s-Hertogenbosch from July 1 through 4, 2021.

Photography: Nandus van der Sluijs
Photography: Nandus van der Sluijs
Photography: Nandus van der Sluijs