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They will ask children for advice and challenge them to go crazy with their imagination: what kind of sculpture would they like to see? A flaming rocket, a hairy monster, an elegant castle, or all of these together

As a ‘finger exercise’ for Bosch Parade, they – also together with children – will make a work of art for Breda Buiten that is not only to look at, but also to play with! In any case, the artist couple expects an exuberant work of art as a result in both phases.

Krista and Michiel have been working together on various projects since being at the art academy: they made a film about a first date and directed an absurdist church service together with a minister. From 23 July 2021 onwards, an exhibition of their work can be seen in the Odapark in Venray.

Selectie uit het werk van Krista Smulders