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About Ian Skirvin

Creating worlds and drawing spectators in, are some of Ian Skirvin’s (NL/VS, 1991) major motives to make art. The mysteries and the horrors hidden in everyday life, truly fascinate him. What happens behind closed doors, in the woods along a highway, or underground beneath our very own feet? Skirvin offers these mysteries a space to come to life.

He creates holistic installations in which the spectator becomes part of the art work. He invites the spectator to participate through a performance in the play that takes place, while at the same time challenging the spectator to unveil part of what they themselves may be hiding from the outside world.

About Dakota Havard

I search to make some sort of justice in the work I produce, everyone does. We all want some sort of heroic entitlement that comes with making. I try to make impressions on people and their unconscious mind to make an object they like without knowing why, to make the mundane, the medial, the everyday null and dull into something someone enjoys unconsciously. I want to make an atmosphere somewhat akin to that of being in a loud movie theatre that attracts all the senses, the popcorn smell the sticky feeling under your foot of mushed candy from previous movie goers and underpaid workers too abused to pick up gum off the floor, the uncomfortable seats causing one to shift constantly, the unbearably loud sound effects, deafening in fact, and of course the awe inspiring, blinding light. I’d like to think, as grandiose as it sounds, I represent a freedom in making, a freedom and a humor because the idea, of freedom, in and of itself is quite humorous. “Freedom”, yeah right give me a break, like the freedom of being born on this fucking rock, “yeah OKAY”. Oh and also being ironically, unironically existential.