Krista Smulders en Michiel Ubels

They will ask children for advice and challenge them to go crazy with their imagination: what kind of sculpture would they like to see? A flaming rocket, a hairy monster, an elegant castle, or all of these together As a ‘finger exercise’ for Bosch Parade, they – also together with children – will make a … Continued


The Altered An impossible ‘stilt-walker’. A search full of trial and error. Both physically and visually very much challenged indeed. “The Altered is a search for the senses and the human body. How one’s tools shape one’s growing awareness of the world. What happens when you ruffle up your body in a number ways? Will failure … Continued

‘Zij zijn de Oliejagers: ‘De Voorbode’

The exploitation of oil accelerated progress. But the downside was not predicted…. The toxic black substance flows through to every vein of our society. If it is not stopped, it will eventually clog up that vein. For us it is not yet too late. It is for them. They are the oil hunters. Their search … Continued