Innovatory train of thought pleasing the audience

Bosch Parade’s main artistic innovation was met with enthusiasm by the crowds. Depicting a single narrative through various works of art, created a greater coherence than previously. Thanks to the continuous and never monotonous storyline, as well as the recurring costume and make-up accents, a brand new parade experience was established. The musical approach being streamlined by a single composer and combined with the overarching scenario, left a lasting impression.

“The diversity of the art works also proved to be a strength. Our guests found themselves in a jaw-dropping exhibition once more. The Bosch Parade’s eighth edition has demonstrated that you can convey a single storyline, using a wide range of art works from various highly authentic artists, without encroaching upon their autonomy,” says Miesjel van Gerwen (artistic leader).

Bosch Parade increasing social cohesion

The Bosch Parade organisation itself has undergone an overhaul as well: an event community was built. This was achieved through a number of ‘Bosch Parade Cafés’ and community weekends where artists, participants and volunteers met. During the event, the community found a niche for itself and gathered in the production zone, which was at the Harbour near the Citadel. It is an exceptional site, where over 350 people, in a kaleidoscope of costumes, happily connected with one another to play their respective parts within Bosch Parade.

“Looking back, the Bosch Parade 2019 community was like a family to me. There was a very close connection between all these people, which is vital to make an event like this into a success,” says Miriam Alders (community manager).

And the international collaboration was very memorable too. Following in Alena Kogan’s wake, no less than ten Russians came to support Bosch Parade – of whom three swam in the armada. And we had another supporter flown in from California USA, solely coming to swim for Bosch Parade!

A popular event

This year’s Bosch Parade drew no less than 27,000 spectators to the Cultural City of the South, being the best visited edition yet. The organisation is also very pleased with the 2,200 tickets sold for the grand stands. By introducing this service, a new revenue model for the event has successfully been launched.

All of this just begs for more! Bosch Parade’s next edition is therefore scheduled for the weekend of 18-20 June 2021 and – because of this year’s great success – the Stichting Bosch Parade foundation has expressed its ambition to organise a smaller scale intermediate event in ‘s-Hertogenbosch for the year 2020.