Ian Skirvin & Dakota Havard

About Ian Skirvin Creating worlds and drawing spectators in, are some of Ian Skirvin’s (NL/VS, 1991) major motives to make art. The mysteries and the horrors hidden in everyday life, truly fascinate him. What happens behind closed doors, in the woods along a highway, or underground beneath our very own feet? Skirvin offers these mysteries … Continued

Olivier van den Brandt

The Altered An impossible ‘stilt-walker’. A search full of trial and error. Both physically and visually very much challenged indeed. “The Altered is a search for the senses and the human body. How one’s tools shape one’s growing awareness of the world. What happens when you ruffle up your body in a number ways? Will failure … Continued

Klein triptiek (Small Triptich)

The singers will move through the town in a choreography on water, standing on triangular rafts depicting a massive and demonic angry eye. This eye is the three demons´point of departure within the Burning Demons concept, and it was created during brainstorms with the Sociaal Theater participants. These eyes will return in a broader and … Continued

Parade d’ Extase

About Folkert de Jong De Jong was brought to fame by his unique utilisation of isolation materials like polyurethane and polystyrene. Since recently, he has been expanding his palette of materials, for example in his transparent plexiglass showcases holding selections of body parts and objects resembling specimens on formaldehyde. On the one hand, they appear … Continued