De Legendarische Lekkerbek

Even more fantasy with Krista Smulders & Michiel Ubels. For their artwork they asked children to let their imagination run wild. What kind of sculpture would they like to see? A flaming rocket, a hairy monster, an elegant castle, or all of these together? The result is the De legendarische lekkerbek, a huge, voracious fish … Continued


Transfiguration was created in Huis 73, together with some volunteers from ‘Stichting Loods’  Vocals: Marcel Duijghuisen and a project choir of singers from various choirs. Are these wings? Is there a hidden bird fluttering above and below the water surface? Are these lips? Or is it a gigantic gluttonous mouth, loudly smacking and threatening to devour … Continued

Piscatorial Detritus

From found materials and existing elements, the American artist Matt Jackson creates original images with meaning. This way, he proves we can resist the temptation of always wanting more, more and more.  Proving that recycling can lead to creativity, he shows us beautiful items can be formed from things we thought were waste – items … Continued

Zij zijn de oliejagers (‘They are the oil hunters’)

The exploitation of oil accelerated progress. But the downside was not predicted…. The toxic black substance flows through to every vein of our society. If it is not stopped, it will eventually clog up that vein. For us it is not yet too late. It is for them. They are the oil hunters. Their search … Continued


Individualism doesn’t make our earth better off. We think our personal pleasure is more important than the environment and find it hard to resist harmful temptations. Survivalunit shows what this could lead to, offering a mirror with a grim image of the future. Inside a vegetable greenhouse, lives a man who succeeds in surviving this … Continued


Whoever thought that the Dommel river only harboured some sluggish roaches, and your occasional pike, will be seriously startled by OGOPOGO. This extraordinary water monster defies all imagination. Like a giant octopus’s tentacle  it fearsomely unfolds upward, while the meter long tentacle probes and searches, lures and seduces, bringing water and air closer together. Like … Continued

Parade d’Extase

Parade d’Extase was developed in a close collaboration between the artists and the Wij-familie volunteers. Parade d’Extase serenades Temptation. This mysterious orchestra with its motley crew of extravagant characters laurels the medieval artist Jheronimus Bosch, a totally intangible and utterly unique figure in the history of art. This ecstatic tableau prompts us to reflect on … Continued

Hurdy Gurdy

Hurdy Gurdy is a sailing multicolour sound show. A grand hurdy-gurdy with a large double helix slowly moves forward whilst creating an awkward thumping sound – as a charming chant of temptation. These are the sounds of cello strings tuned in fifths or octaves – like a bourdon that’s also used in bagpipes and wheel … Continued

Burning Demons

Burning Demons was created with participants of the Sociaal Theater (a social support programme in ‘s-Hertogenbosch); the participants will take part in the performance. Burning Demons was made possible by Pontmeyer, Cromvoirtse, Inqar and Contrast. We all have them: tucked away demons, hidden temptations. Now, Burning Demons brings them to life. On this triangular raft, … Continued

Angler Maiden

For Lisa Nigro, artistry is like a religious vocation. “It has always been my dream to create art – together with, and on behalf of, communities around the world”. Previously, she made interactive works of art that were full of fire effects for the annual experimental art festival Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert … Continued

Antwan’s hand

Plenty visions are found in Jheronimus Bosch’s paintings. The medieval master knew how to depict alien delights in such a realistic way that you would not need any pills or LSD.  Antwan’s Hand depicts one of these peculiar hallucinations in a modern day setting. Like in a damp nightclub, an exuberant bunch of party animals … Continued

Constantiam vs Debolam

Constantiam has pride. Look at him, this towering sculpture of geometric shapes. He proudly balances on a floating island of cubes, cylinders and triangles – firmly and steadily standing on his colourful pedestal.  But sometimes this valiant pylon weakens, his vanity fading, and Constantiam collapses. Like a push puppet brought down by invisible forces. Yet … Continued


In order to steer their vessel, the trinity in Ceremonie has to find the perfect way to function together – with all their imperfections.  And they do. Each of these three characters has a designated task, a disability and only the senses required to play their particular part. In a failed, sceptical and uneasy way … Continued

Eat me/feed me, help me/need me

Caz Egelie is a young artist with a very distinct style. He mainly works on installations and performances with surreal costumes and unorthodox imagery. His inspiration is based on the worship of idols – and the jealousy these same idols provoke. Eat me/feed me, help me/need me is a series of four small works in … Continued

Altar of Swamp-Demons

On and around the Altar of Swamp demons, the swamp´s offspring – creatures from the depths of Waterland – pay tribute to temptation and decay. See them crawl around the blasphemous altar. Discover how they play the hand of God on a life-size harp. Hear them perform an unsettling sound show with their obscure instruments. … Continued


Long ago, pre-industrial forging hammers were driven by the brute force of paddle wheels. Atelier van Lieshout’s hammer was custom-built for Bosch Parade. It uses the same force to slam its way through the water. With a staccato rhythm like a forceful heartbeat, the symbolism of this work of art – destruction, creation and establishing … Continued


Skypunch Collective Not only visual artists show their creations in Bosch Parade. SKYPUNCH COLLECTIVE, formed by dance makers Celine Werkhoven & Anna Zurkirchen and composer Antonio Alemanno, created a floating performance installation in collaboration with architect Ad Roefs. In their work NAÎAD, two female creatures appear at the top of a mirrored cliff. With an alienating dance, bodies and … Continued


If the sea levels continue to rise, Bosch Parade will be passing along your dormer window in a few decades… W’atlandis warns us against that. It shows us how Atlantis, the sunken city of yore, becomes the city of the future – a marvellous metropolis where we’re no longer tempted by the joys of consumerism, … Continued


Glimp is made in collaboration with a group of divers. Just gaze into the distance. Can you see anything? That rippling of the water, what’s happening there? Is it an optical illusion? Reality? Glimp shows you the unseen underwater world. Briefly, a mysterious vision rises up from the water surface, but what is it? A … Continued