Artistic team

The artistic team responsible consists of the following people: Miesjel van Gerwen, artistic leader Monique Zijp, direction Lucas Kastelijn, dramaturgy and direction Erik Vink, general design and engineering Martijn van Dalen, general design and engineering Loes Reiling, compositions Reg Gruson, visual monitoring and coverage Lucas de Waard, text writer Boy Jonkergouw, community direction Lian Verhoeven … Continued


Poetry and optimism in an afterimage with hopeful sounds coming from the back of a whale. Creation process Epilogue


The outlines form the bedrock of a new hope. In the back, the awakening love between youngsters from different backgrounds.

Uninvited Guests

The uninvited guests will already be present before Bosch Parade begins. It is a peculiar people, being part of the audience yet at the same time calling the Parade into question. As uninvited guests, they slowly take over… Creation process of Uninvited Guests Clothing has been made possible by Judoschool Kradolfer (judo pants).


Materials floating, residues burning, people keeping themselves afloat and rafts made from the debris of the tower of pride. A catastrophe makes us all equal. After the chaos, the survivors nurse their wounds. Creation process Shatters

Pride and the Fall

The revolutionists have settled. The uninvited guests are in control. Attempts to build the highest tower end in a disaster. Creation process Pride and the Fall

Het Lab

The first signs of a new dawn. A inflated laboratory with smoke and visual surprises, driven by historical data relating to the town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Creation process Het Lab This year’s edition of the Bosch Parade will feature a work by two Industrial Design students of TU/e. Serge Gruson and Tjeu van Bussel were asked … Continued


From newly appearing amoebas and lumps of cells, a mixed choir starts singing a fresh tune. Creation proces Solified Matter  


An interlude with a drifting wing. Tranquillity and contemplation after the conflict. Creation process White Wing


The tipping point in the narrative. The attack is set in motion. The battlefield is a large tumbler, a big sphere surrounded by little boats. The establishment is chased by the uninvited guests, who have been lurking on the shores during the whole parade. The uninvited guests have evolved into charging revolutionaries, chasing the establishment … Continued


A dune scenery where a lonely Najade voices the longing for the safety and security of home. Creation process Heimat


What do we pursue…? A raft spinning over the water with a choir commenting through songs – a quasi ‘Greek choir’. Rehearsals Choir

Political diorama

Anonymised power in the control room – a dome structure where power and wealth are distributed. A striking feature is the illuminated newspaper, which is 12 meters long and turns with the work. A major sponsor of the news ticker is Arjan Verbakel, Powered By Lumenart. Creation process Political Diorama


To sustain and uphold the powers that be, commoners are plodding away in a treadmill. The mill is wielded by the people, driving a large propeller and creating mechanical minimal music. These are the drudges who will never surface. Creation Process Factory


A magnificently pivoting structure, representing a chariot and a battering ram, carrying the ultimate rulers, the powers that be – invulnerable and self-satisfied. In this tableau, the people in control are depicted, and how they’ve placed themselves on a pedestal. Creation process Triumph


The artist rows his artwork towards the world. He’s an uncanny harbinger of the unknown – and a herald of hope.