The Bosch Parade 2019 tale is a story in motion, depicted by an artistic flotilla through a series of tableaux. This floating, poetic parade of art works portrays a universal tale of power and counterforce, battle and rapprochement, chaos and hope. From the chaos after the battle a new order has to emerge. Eventually, old opposites will form the foundation for a new hope in this storyline filled with symbolism and fantasy – as it is in Jheronimus Bosch’s works.


The established order, and the familiar forces that seemed to last eternally, are shaken to their foundations.
The new world struggles its way in, throwing the old regime overboard.
Changes are unstoppable and will always come about by fits and starts.
In the wide open barren landscape after the conflict, new opportunities are bubbling and brewing.
New life emerges.
Initially shapeless, then rapidly, eagerly pushing itself to greater heights.

Yet, without a solid foundation, any new structure is bound to collapse.
The sole survivors float between the rubble.
The chaos after a catastrophe makes everyone equal.
Just like the Dommel River, always flowing and never pausing, new plans and ideas flow into one another – forging a broader view of a better world.

Hope too, is irrepressible.

This is the synopsis of the tale told in Bosch Parade 2019. The concept has been devised by ‘The Bosch Parade company ’ and the texts were written by Lucas de Waard. Throughout this storyline, you may encounter a peculiar type of people: they are the Uninvited Guests. They too have been created on the basis of Jheronimus Bosch’s art work. Below you will find a short description of the separate parts of the storyline as set up in the various tableaux.

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detail uit ‘De Aanbidding der Koningen’