Miesjel van Gerwen, artistic leader

Miesjel is a multidisciplinary visual artist, designer, parade expert and developer of art projects. As the inventor of the ‘water-borne parade’ concept, he has been with Bosch Parade from the very first beginning. He lends his experience to make Bosch Parade future-proof and lift it to a higher level.

Monique Zijp, direction

Monique is artistic leader, director and concept developer of the EELT Theatercollectief in Brabant. She designs new educational methods and is a teacher at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (the academy for Bachelors in Fine Art). As an interdisciplinary expert she directs the entire Bosch Parade sailing flotilla and oversees all of its aspects, supported by dramatist Lucas Kastelijn.

Lucas Kastelijn, dramaturgy and direction

Lucas is a theatre producer and a visual artist. He is the Bosch Parade dramaturge, directing the water-borne event together with Monique Zijp. Lucas has a passion for theatre on location, works in a multidisciplinary way and loves to seek out the experiment.

Erik Vink, general design and engineering

Erik is a social artist from ‘s-Hertogenbosch. He works on major pieces of art, together with volunteer groups. He previously participated in spectacular works of art and impressive performances in earlier Bosch Parade editions. Within Bosch Parade, he supports the artists in visual matters and technical aspects.

Martijn van Dalen, general design and engineering

Martijn is a constructing visual artist, and a true builder. He not only does the design for Bosch Parade, he also helps to improve the technical feasibility of the desired works of art. His works are immensely spectacular thanks to the fusion of complementary elements like fire and water.

Loes Reiling, compositions

Loes is a composer, conductor, music arranger and percussionist. She specialises in novel concert experiences in which audiences play an active part. She offers her performers considerable freedom, creating a broad space for interaction and expression. Loes takes care of the musical aspects of the entire Bosch Parade.

Reg Gruson, visual monitoring and coverage

Reg is a filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer for the EELT theatercollectief. He is also a senior teacher at the Koning Willem I College in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. He monitors the Bosch Parade’s visual quality and takes care of the video coverage of the creative process on all fronts.

Jeroen Everaert, general consultancy

Jeroen is an experienced art producer specialised in art for public spaces, he is also the owner of ‘Mothership’. During the Bosch Parade 2019 development process, he will be delivering clear observations and asking critical questions – in order to stimulate others in making targeted choices within the overall concept.

Anneloes Ebing, volunteer coordinator

Anneloes has a real talent for organising and coordinating and she’s very well known within cultural projects in the region. For Bosch Parade, she will be coordinating the volunteers who are active onshore – ensuring all visitors and volunteers will have a wonderful Bosch Parade.

Claire van Nunen, head of marketing and communication

Claire facilitates cultural organisations, through clear communication strategies and creative marketing. She is highly experienced in urban projects. For Bosch Parade, she is the key strategic advisor and implementer. Her core tasks are: sharing information with a wide audience – and triggering people into action.

Erik de Jong, business manager

Erik is a passionate mediator, an organiser of community driven events and the initiator of many creative concepts. He was originally trained as an architect and became the founding father of the music festival ‘Muziek op de Dommel’, but he’s also a part-time community manager at the TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology.

Miriam Alders, community manager

Miriam is a senior project manager of events with socially relevant objectives. She assists in the creation, organisation and development of projects on behalf of ‘Raak Evenementen’. For Bosch Parade, she is the matchmaker between the artists’ wishes and the volunteers offering their support to Bosch Parade.

Stephan Grilis, head of production

Stephan has a long standing record in launching large scale projects – and keeping them on course, however complex they may be. He’s also the head of production and technique for the ‘Theaterfestival Boulevard’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch ,and for the circus festival ‘Circolo’ in Tilburg. Any production or logistics process is steady in his hands.

Moreover, Bosch Parade 2019 is made possible thanks to Lucas de Waard (vocal text writer), Boy Jonkergouw (community director) and Lian Verhoeven (costumes), as well as many many other creative souls and artists.


As was the case in the past, many enthusiastic volunteers are part of Bosch Parade. They are an essential building block for Bosch Parade’s succes. To underpin their value to us, we have appointed a community manager: Miriam Alders. She is the matchmaker between the artists’ wishes and the volunteers offering their support. Together with our volunteer coordinator Anneloes Ebing, she is the contact for all inhabitants of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Brabant who take part in the event.