At first, in February 2021, we made the decision to reschedule Bosch Parade from June to July this year. Then, our entire team worked very hard to make that July edition possible.

However, in the last few weeks it has become more and more clear that July 2021 would still be too early to present Bosch Parade. Taking the current safety measures into account, the inner city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch could not be made safe enough for the large crowd that would be witnessing our sailing parade. Behind the scenes, we’ve done everything we could to find an alternative venue, but in spite of the efforts made by many parties involved, we were unable to find a suitable alternative site, both inside and outside the inner city. These other sites could not guarantee the safety of the large crowd of spectators and fans gathering for the Bosch Parade event.

“It has been a very tough decision, as we wanted to offer our audience a full Bosch Parade experience. Sadly, this was not possible, following the current regulations. Yet, we are looking forward to the 2022 edition. Then, we will have another chance to create a memorable parade, together with our community and our audience – offering the parade the grandeur and attention it deserves. (Miesjel van Gerwen, Bosch Parade’s artistic leader)

A new date

Therefore, we’ve decided to reschedule the Bosch Parade’s ninth edition to June 16-19, 2022. We would like to offer the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, all creators and our more than 30.000 spectators a wonderful and safe edition next year, so that everyone can enjoy it to the full.

 “It is with a warm heart that we look back at the close collaboration we had with all our partners, who helped try to discover the (im)possibilities of a 2021 edition. With that positive energy and great enthusiasm, we’re already looking forward to the Bosch Parade’s 9th edition, in 2022.” (Jos van der Wouw, Chairman of the Board)

Stay safe, and we hope to see you next year!

The Bosch Parade Team